Most outdoor tables benefit from the shade of a good patio umbrella. They protect you not just from the brightness and heat of the noonday sun but keep dangerous UV rays out as well.

When buying your patio furniture, your table often comes with an umbrella as an option. However, you can also buy the umbrella separately and often you get a superior product when you do. You have more options so that you can find the ideal piece.

When you buy this piece of patio furniture, there are a few options to consider.

Start with the Frame

Patio umbrellas are built on either wood or aluminum frames. Both materials have their advantages depending on your needs.

You want something that matches the rest of the patio furniture so that might make the decision for you. If you selected teak furniture you probably want a teak umbrella to match it. Many people prefer the look of wood, although the aluminum has the advantage that it can be painted any color.

Aluminum frames are more functional than wooden ones. They can be tilted to one of several positions as the sun moves while most wooden frames are fixed. Some people find … Read More

Many people opt for custom home theater today enlisting the services of a professional consultant. Makes sense especially considering the complexity surrounding a home entertainment set up.

Why would you want to bother about wondering where you should put the television, install the speakers, how to hide the cables or even worry about TV viewing distance.

Obviously, if you’re experienced in electronics and know a little bit about home design and layout, then these issues would be a pleasant challenge. But the simple fact is, most homeowners will flounder when presented with the challenge of setting up a custom home theater unit in their house let alone worrying about acoustics and lighting conditions.

Where To Start?

Many homeowners are faced with the initial challenge of creating space for their home theater. Do you use the living room or build an extra room? Did you know areas such as a basement and garage can be transformed into entertainment showpieces with a little design know how?

A consultant has the ability to immediately identify potential areas where a system could be set up. Yes, you probably could too but how would you design it to flow smoothly with the rest of the … Read More