Insights & Tips to Find the Best Stud Finder

Firstly, let’s get to know what exactly is a Stud Finder? It basically is a device that is used to detect the location of framing studs which are generally the vertical members for the frames in a building’s wall. It is said to be the fundamental unit of a wall. Framing studs are generally found behind the walling surfaces such as drywall. A stud finder is utilized along with wooden buildings and is often a handheld device. It can be categorized into two major types based on the form it is running on; one is the magnetic type and other is the electrical one.

What are Stud Finders Used for?

If you are thinking of mounting a TV over your wall, hanging some furniture on your wall, or working as a professional contractor, then the use of one of the best stud finders might seem to be necessary enough. A stud finder can simply help you to find spots on your wall that are not strong enough to support any type of wall mounts, and can also find the firm spots which will be ideal for mounting purposes. A stud finder can help you detect it easily, and nowadays it’s even easier with the coming up of advanced technologies such as; LCD display and monitoring, proper calibration and better magnetic or electrical base that gives almost the accurate results.

What are the Best Stud Finders Available out in the Market?

Whenever looking for a reliable stud finder, you need to look at certain aspects which determine the quality of the device. These aspects are mainly in the form of; price, type of usage material (magnetic or electrical), display type, detection type and other aspects too.

Depending upon these aspects, we’ve listed out three of the best stud finders available in Amazon or Walmart according to popular reviews and opinions: –

  • ProSensor Franklin 710 – this is one of the best stud finders available out there in the market, Amazon or Walmart. This particular type of stud finder fulfills all of the quality aspects. Or instance, it has deep scanning accurate to about 1.5 inches, LED indicators and its new multi-sense technology is able to sense multiple studs simultaneously. It is best in use for amateurs as well as professionals and being quite affordable too.
  • CH Hanson 03040 – it is one of the types of compact stud finder which is quite cheap and easy to use for both amateurs and professionals. It is magnetic based and scans depth of a wall up to 1 inch. And is quite accurate in its results. It also has a handsfree usage thank to its magnetic material.
  • Zircon Stud Sensor – it is one of those electrical stud sensors quite popular in the market. It comes with a dual scanning mode, LED indicator and wire detection feature. The dual scanning mode includes StudScan for detecting metals and woods up to 0.75 inches and the DeepScan up to 1.5 inches. It is a must use for home as well as professional field of works.

The above-listed stud finders qualify as the best ones in the market because they fulfill all of the required aspects. They have been thoroughly used and reviewed by hundreds of users across the market and thus stand for their top spots.

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