Front or Top Load Washing Machine: The Differences

There are a lot of parameters of selections. Its explanation is a difficult task, but we will try to do so. Type of loading – this is the first and most important criterion, of course. Therefore, we start with that.

As all, we know there are washing machines with front and top loading. Each has its pluses and minuses. We start with devices with a front load.

Front load washing machines: pluses and minuses

Models of this type are very popular among consumers, and their number is overwhelming at the washing machine market. Introduced range of front load models much more than machines with vertical type of loading. Typically, they have large size compared with their vertical “friends”. It requires a little more space to install them in the bathroom or in the kitchen, and preliminary preparation of their future place of location. These machines occupy the usable area of bathroom or kitchen area.

By the way, the hatch cover has a transparent window. And this “illuminator” really makes a difference: some people like to watch the washing process (especially children). Also, it can be a piece of interior at some apartments. In addition, it can be used as a small table at the kitchen or bathroom.washing machine looks nice under the sink

Front (horizontal) washing machine requires more installation space than vertical-loading-device. Also, it is less comfortable to load laundry. If it breaks it can make a “flood” in the apartment, cause more often these models don’t have good leakage protection. But there is a weighty advantage – accessibility. There are a lot of models at the market, so the buyer has the opportunity to choose an affordable device. Price category of front load washing machines really large. It cannot be said about the vertical load devices.

Some words about top load washing machines

These devices are less popular and often more expensive than front load washing machines. But they have some advantages. First of all we’ll speak about reliability. Some experts claim that top load washing machines are more reliable, cause drum mounted with two bearings. In washing machines of front load, type drums mount with only one bearing. Other experts assert that it is completely untrue, and front load washing machines are reliable as top load devices. However, there is a probability that top load devices are really more reliable than their “friends”.

Another advantage is their roominess and space saving (it does not require the space for opening the hatch). Also, load and unloading become easier, because there is no necessity to bend down. If necessary you can add some wash to the drum, and water will not disembogue out of there. Some users say that the vibration of top load washing machines much weaker than other devices.

Shortcomings are not excluded. First of all, it is designed narrowness. Top load washing machines look alike, cause their structure doesn’t suppose unique design. Front load devices in this respect always win. Another shortcoming is their cost. With the same characteristics, top load washing machines will be more expensive than others.

Which washing machine is better?

Considering their differences there is no specific response. Each device is better on the one hand and worse on the other hand. So final conclusion is excluded. But we can give you some advice about choosing washing machines.

We believe top load washing machines are really better, cause two bearings are uses there. If I will choose a washing machine I definitely will give preference to top load devices. Reliability is the main criterion of choice, isn’t it? Of course, they are not such attractive as front load washing machines, but their design is secondary.

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